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Bobby G Berney -

I was born in Shreveport, La.  I grew up nearby in Blanchard, La. 

I experienced many trips to the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas where my Dad was born and where his family had been since 1835.  This part of Arkansas is revealed in much of my music. 

My roots are in Country music stemming from the days of the Louisiana Hayride where Hank Williams Sr performed.  My main influences (as weird as it may sound) were Hank Williams Sr and The Beatles.  I love all music of every genre, but when I write I do it in a blend of my influences.  

I was a railroad brakeman for twenty years.  I saw the world go by through the looking glass of the caboose and locomotive windows.  The poor side of the tracks, the farms, and the factories all passed by revealing their hind parts not seen from the front doors of the city streets and highways.  

You will hear in my songs tales of life in the Southern United States in which I reveal a taste of the sights and smells of the Deep South.  May my songs touch your soul. 


Bobby G Berney